Scottie Paws Pet Resort & Spa

  Paws-a-tively awesome!

For the safety of your pet and others we ask that our canine friends be brought in on a leash or carrier and felines should be brought in a carrier.

If you feed your pet in the morning, we thank you for walking them before bringing them to us.

We will want to keep your pet at least 4 hours or more, depending upon our schedule. Due to the general nature of pet grooming, it is impossible to pin point or guarantee an exact finish time.  Things happen and we will not rush to compromise on our services.  We do provide a finish range of time and will call upon completion.

All prices quoted over the phone are estimates only.  We cannot give an exact price until we handle the pet. Prices vary depending on breed, size, temperament and behavior.

Express Service:  If you would like your pet in and out under 4 hours, we are happy to provide you with this service.  This is great for seniors, puppies, or if you're on a tight schedule.  There are only a few express appointments available each day, made by appointment in advance, with an additional fee.

Safety:  For the health and safety of your pet and the staff that handle them, all grooming clients are required to show proof of current vaccinations, most particularly rabies.  In the event of an animal bite, if the animal does not have current rabies vaccination, proper reporting is required.  Also, in the event that a pet becomes unmanageable, we will opt to stop, however this may mean an incomplete groom and you will be charged accordingly. 

Grooming Packages

Bubbles:  a refreshing bubble bath, a full dry and brush out.....starting at $20

Squeaky Clean:  a refreshing bubble bath, a full dry and brush out, nail and sanitary trim, shaved pads, ear cleaning.....starting at $30

Wooftastic:  a complete pampering session which includes a refreshing bath, a full dry and brush out, nail and sanitary trim, shaved pads, ear cleaning and plucking (if applies), and a hair cut using both clipper and scissor work.....starting at $40