Scottie Paws Pet Resort & Spa

  Paws-a-tively awesome!

Our Services

Our grooming services include both clipper and scissor work. We groom all breeds and all sizes of dogs. We also groom cats!  All our grooming packages include perfume/cologne, and bow* or bandana.  


We carry shampoos for all skin types: Skin Soothing, Sensitive Skin, Brightening, Calming, Cooling, Revitalizing, Flea-Defense, De-Shedding and Deep Conditioning.


Appointments required for all grooming services.

Walk-ins accepted only for nail trims and teeth brushing.


Specialty Spa Add-Ons. We offer a variety

of spa services you can add on to any bath,

cut, or nail trim, including: pawdicures, facials,

scrubs, tramp stamps, booty bling, and paw and skin treatments.

Our Day-Care Program allows your pet to play and socialize with other pets, as long as they are friendly to each other. During this time, they will be supervised by one of the professional members of our staff. We will provide them with potty breaks and meal times. Meals will be given separately for each pet.



We offer cage-less overnight stays. Your pet will be given a private suite for their stay, with regular potty breaks and meal times.  All cageless overnight stays will be able to participate in our Day-Care Program FREE of charge.
Kennel overnight stays also available.

Self Service Pet Wash

Now there's a better way to keep your pet salon fresh without the mess to clean up, towels to wash, back or knee pain, or struggle to bathe your pet. 

Make it easy for you, it's as simple as 1...2...3...use our all-natural products, use our tools, and leave the mess to us!

Any breed, starting at only $25.00

Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

  • for dogs and cats
  • no anesthesia, no medication, no sedative

Our service is a non-invasive cosmetic method performed by licensed and certified vet techs. 

Procedure consist of:

  • oral examination and consultation
  • hand scaling of every tooth
  • cleaning the gumline
  • plodding the enamel
  • and teeth rinsing
By appointment only.